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Aerow Wind

brand objective
Our goal was to elevate Aerow Wind's brand from a small wind energy startup to a serious and professional company capable of landing and handling large government contracts.
Renewable Energy
Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Identity


With the insights discovered through our Heart-to-Bark™ process, we were challenged to create a brand identity that felt professional, experienced, efficient, innovative, and secure in order for Aerow to land new contracts.

BRAND Solution

With their ideal customer being a government worker in the state's department of energy, we set out to understand what made them choose a particular wind provider over another. We found that security was their biggest concern, which led to picking dark blue as the primary color as a symbol of trust.

To visually marry both the company culture with their ideal customer, we designed a brand identity that captured the spirit of wind and Aerow's innovative culture, while feeling secure, mature and capable of working with the government.
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