Goodray Solar

Brand Objective
Our objective was to modernize Goodray's brand identity and create a simple, yet recognizable, mark that could be used across all applications; from giant billboards to small app icons.
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Brand Strategy
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Brand Identity


The previous brand identity was not working for Goodray because it didn't capture the company's culture. We had to rethink the entire brand from scratch and find a solution for the original logo.

First, we had to understand the culture of Goodray to define it, and then capture it into a new brand identity lead by a recognizable mark.

BRAND Solution

The brand identity revolves around the use of a dynamic "Ray" and a vibrant color palette that gives life to the youthful and "electric" culture of Goodray Solar.

The logo is designed to be read as both a lowercase and uppercase 'G' through the use of the ray. By achieving simplicity and distinctiveness in the mark, we ensure that the logo will work across a broad range of applications for many years to come.
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